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At ByteWorks; we work with very smart and highly talented individuals. Professionals from all areas work to help make our vision a reality. Scientists; developers; programmers; artists even to the Logistics staff collectively share a vision to achieve high quality first amongst ourselves and for our clients.

There are opportunities for Trainee programmers to work on industry hard problems gaining specialized insights and expertise during their career with us. Successful trainees are retained and continue to grow their talents throughout their work live.

ByteWorks Trainee Program 2020
Novice to Professional Series 3
Duration: 6 Months
The Annual Byteworks Trainee Program is an intense 6 months course work; with practical and hands-on industry experience; for Interns and chosen applicants; that takes one from beginner to professional.
External applicants can participate for a fee of $12,000.00 paid one off at the beginning of the course. Interns would receive a monthly allowance for the duration.

Certificates Obtained:
OCPJP: Oracle Exam; November
Byteworks Certified Software Engineer: Byteworks Internal Exam; December

Course Period:
The program runs Monday to Friday; 7am to 7pm. Saturdays: 9am to 3pm [Deep Concepts , Practicals and Theory]

Lunch is provided for free and there is lots of coffee to keep sleep at bay
*NB: National public holidays are respected; and no course work holds within this period.
Course Content:
There are three courses taken within this period; there are:
Course Name: Introduction to Java: Beginner to Professional
Course Code: BW_001-2020

1: History of Java and JDK installation
2: Overview of Java & the JVM
3: Data types, Variables & Arrays
4: Operators
5: Control Statements
6: Introduction to Classes
7: OOP & OOD concepts
8: Inheritance, Packages & Interfaces
9: Exception and Error Handling
10: Multithreaded Programming
11: Enumerations, Autoboxing & Annotations
12: I/O; Applets & DB Programming
13: Generics & Lamda Expressions
14: The JAVA Library
15: Polymorphism
16: Collections of Objects
17: Concurrency
18: Analysis & Design
19 Unit testing and Debugging Skills
20: Swing, GUI and Java FX
Course Name: Introduction to Enterprise Application Design, Development (Full stack)
Course Code: BW_002-2020

1: Introduction to Java Beans
2: Introduction to Servlets
3: SQL & XML
4: Enterprise Tools: [Repositories, Build Tools (Maven & Gradle), Modelling tools] [PRACTICALS]
5: Architecture of Web Applications
6: Ninja & Spring
7: Building your First Web Application
8: HTML; FTL; Angular 2
9: Android Programming (Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3)
10: Mature Software and Development Practices
11: Web services, REST & API programming
12: MVC
Course Name: Introduction to Java: Beginner to Professional
Course Code: BW_003-2020

1: Coding & Annotation standards in Byteworks
2: Introduction to package
3: Handling Complex Object Relationships
4: Introductory Cryptography
5: Introduction to Biometrics
6: Enterprise Logging
7: One hundred and seventeen Linux commands
8: Information Security (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability)
9: Enterprise application and Database Clustering
10: Deployment tools (sftp, SSH, keys etc)
11: Standard operating Procedures in Byteworks
12: How to Drive a Successful Sprint
13: Course on Professional Practice & Ethics
14: Project Work : 2 Months

The Trainee Program ends with OCPJP Examination and the Byteworks Certified Software Engineer Examination.

How to Apply
  1. Create an account/sign-in at
  2. Fill the form with accurate information
  3. Click Submit | Deadline - 13th March 2020
If you have not been selected and wish to partake in this year's trainee program, please send an email to stating your interest. We will get back to you with details.

Note that the cost for external trainees is a one-off fee of $12,000 and Interns would receive a monthly allowance for the duration.